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Revised Department of Education guidelines for contact sports specify students are required to wear a mouthguar​d when participating in Australian football, hockey, rugby league, rugby union, water polo and handball (European/team).

Students must wear a mouthguard when participating in Australian Football. The Department strongly recommends that students wear custom-fitted mouthguards. Information about the different types of mouthguards can be found at Sport Medicine Australia - Dental Injuries and the Australian Dental Association.​


Please note - trial dates are subject to change. Selection trial notices are also sent to schools confirming trial dates, times and venues and only appear hear when the trial has been confirmed.​


Please note - Coaches and Managers will advise further information about individual sports via their selection letter- e.g.. training schedules, regional program.

​Sport ​Trial Notice ​Register here Payments​
​Swimming 14 Feb

Swimming (PDF 136)

​School Shop Online Swimming

Basketball Girls

19 Feb

Basketball (PDF244kb) School Shop Online Basketball

​Basketball Boys

 19 Feb

Basketball (PDF244kb) School Shop Online Basketball
​AFL ​AFL​ (pdf374) School Shop Online ​AFL



Netball (PDF246kb) School Shop ​Online  ​Netball

​Rugby League​

10-11 Rugby League(pdf,485)

11-12 Rugby League(pdf,485)

School Shop Online  ​Rugby League



​​School Shop Online  ​Hockey
​Football Girls


​School shop online Girls ​Football
​Football Boys Football(pdf,246) ​​​School Shop Online  ​Boys Football


​​​​School Shop Online 


​Touch Football Boys ​Touch ​​​​​School Shop Online  ​Touch football
​Touch Football Girls Touch ​​​​​School Shop Online  ​Touch football
Rugby Union Boys Rugby Union School Shop Online  ​Rugby Union

Softball Girls


School Shop Online

School Shop Online 



100 & 200 run off(pdf125kb)


​Cricket Boys and Girls 10-12 Yrs. Boys and Girls (pdf, 352kb ​​​School Shop Online  ​Cricket


​Cross Country Cross Country ​School Shop online ​Cross Country
AFL Girls AFL Girls​ Direct to Met North Nom Met North School Shop online
Rugby League-Girls RL Girls ​Direct to Met North Met North School Shop online


Selection Policy